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Anacostia Unmapped, a collaboration between independent producer Katie Davis and WAMU 88.5, is about land: Who has it, who wants it, and what happens when it starts to change hands.

Who gets to tell stories about this? Three people who live and work in the Southeast D.C. neighborhood of Anacostia are guiding us through the community, recording interviews with their neighbors with the goal of sparking conversations across the Washington region. Their reports will air on WAMU 88.5 and additional content will appear online.


Our Mission

Anacostia Unmapped is a part of the national Localore:Finding America project from the Association of Independents in Radio and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Localore: Finding America is the latest production in the series of public media research and development initiatives AIR began in 2010. Each of our 15 new projects pairs a gifted independent producer with a local radio or television station. Their mission? To invent new storytelling models with and for communities that public media doesn’t typically reach.

Our team

  • Katie Davis is a longtime radio producer based in Washington D.C. She has hosted “Weekend All Things Considered” for NPR and reported for “Morning Edition,” produced stories for “This American Life,” and won various awards including The Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award.
  • Sonja D. Williams is a professor of media, journalism and film at Howard University and a veteran radio producer.
  • Brendan Sweeney is managing producer for new content and innovation WAMU 88.5.